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Kerri from Florida wrote
I want to thank you for selling a product where proceeds go towards MS. I was just telling my husband the day before that nobody ever ask to donate to MS it's always breast cancer...then bam, we saw your puff corn. OMG, it is so good!!! I love it!!! I want to know if you ship? If so how many come in a case? I hope your daughter is doing well. I myself have been diagnosed with MS and I am very lucky to be on a drug that has stopped my disease in it's tracks and I have not had any progression in 2 years. Please let me know if I am able to get this in Florida!

Ever since our first morsel of Jake’s Puff Corn our family has been hooked! We sent a few packages to our son in San Francisco Bay Area of California, now his family is hooked also! We also take some packages to our son in Metro-west of Boston, he and his family are also hooked! What a great tasting product, and it’s gluten free! Most gluten free foods don’t have a good taste, the puffed corn has an awesome taste! Although we prefer the original flavor the other flavors taste good also! We definitely recommend Jake’s puff corn! As a television ad says ..... “try it.... you’ll like it!” Warren & Judy

We just discovered the delicious Jake\'s Puffcorn at Carluccio\'s this past week. Our main reason for the purchase was to support MS Research. Can we please have more shipped to us here in New York? We would love to share with our friends and family. Thanks in advance, Chuck